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Circle for Commemoration & Connection

How do we human?

With the victims of terror and war in our heart, how to prevent the ongoing violence of shaping our inner reality?

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How do we human?
How do we human?

Tijd en locatie

22 mrt 2024, 20:00 – 23 mrt 2024, 22:00

Circle for Commemoration & Connection

Over het evenement

The greatest weapon of modern history is fear. Perhaps it always was. When afraid, it is ever so easy to retract from the beliefs and values that serve as northern stars to our lives, and instead accept ideologies and practices that are foreign to the way we wish to shape our lives. But rejecting doubt and fear is also accepting a great degree of uncertainty, and moreover, responsibility for our own lives. Instead of letting circumstances shape and alter our beliefs, we find ourselves masters of our own land. This is everything but easy even when things are mundane, familiar and peaceful, let alone when war and conflict take place in the world.

In this Circle to commemorate the terrorist attacks in Brussels of 22 March 2016 and the loss of lives, health, and serenity, we shall attempt a heroic act of reclaiming our responsibility and accountability, by rejecting fear and doubt as major players in shaping ourselves and our lives. We will examine possible conditions that may support such healthily-naïve act.

Welcome in this Circle Ritual, led by We have the choice. Testimony & meditation by Asaf Ben-Shahar (Israel), Mahab Kamzi (Palestina)and Kristin Verellen (Belgium). Lead facilitation by Tom Koninckx & Stien Michiels.

In Circle everyone can listen and speak from the heart. After every share there is a moment of silence. It is not the usual conversation or debate. The facilitation will be in English. Expression in any language is welcome.

The contribution for participation at the Circle is €22 (reduced tariff for students and people with a limited income €12). We have the choice is a non-profit organization, our pioneering connective work is possible with your support.

Extra donations are welcomed to support Standing Together, a grassroots movement supporting Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel who contribute to peace.

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