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zo 21 jan


online event

How do we human?

Online circle while we are in the epicenter of the Gaza - Israel conflict

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How do we human?
How do we human?

Tijd en locatie

21 jan 2024, 19:00 – 21:30

online event

Over het evenement

The growing edges of our humanity require courage.  Courage to recognise where we are and ask, what are the next steps I can take to further my humanity and the humanity of those around me?

Our growing edges. These are the margins of our growth, the places where the earth trembles, where we are not yet comfortable to stand, when things change. Sometimes we willingly enter those spaces. I am willing, we say, I am willing to destabilise my comfort zones. Sometimes our growing edges are the opposite of that, and we are called to recognise our limitations, our boundaries: Here I cannot do it, here I need some help.

And this is what we shall be asking. How do we human?  What is the growing edge of my courage?  Right now, right here, in my life and in this world.

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